Starbuck Driving

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The Driving Test

You must take the correct documents with you to the test centre or you may be refused to take your test.

  1. Both parts (Photocard & Paper Counterpart) of your Provisional Driving License, or your old style driving licence and Photo ID.
  2. Your theory test certificate.
  3. Your appointment letter.

You’ll be introduced to your examiner who will ask to see your license and to sign the Driving Test Report (DL25). The examiner will explain the basics of the test on the way to your vehicle, check your eyesight and ask you two of the vehicle safety check (show me/tell me) questions.

The DSA Driving Test lasts approximately 40 minutes, during which you’ll be expected to cover a variety of roads.

A section of the test will include 10 minutes of independent driving. You'll have to drive independently by following either:

You’ll also be expected to undertake 1 of the following manoeuvres, possibly including the emergency stop.

  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse left/right around a corner
  • Reverse (parallel) park
  • Reverse bay park

During the test the examiner will tell you, in good time, which way to go. If you do go the wrong way then don’t worry. You are not being tested on your ability to follow directions, only on your driving.

Good luck, and safe driving!

Joe with a student who just passed!