Starbuck Driving

Friendly & professional driving school

Emma Pearce:

I had always been completely terrified at the thought of driving a car, and was dreading having lessons, but luckily, I managed to find Joe Starbuck, who took away all of my fears. I had always imagined that a driving instructor would be a scary man who shouted at me when I did things wrong and who would have no patience when I didn’t get the hang of things…but Joe was completely different. He always kept calm and would go over things as many times as I needed to, until I was comfortable. He supported me all of the way through the whole driving experience, including keeping me calm on the morning of the exam. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

May Ngo:

I’ve had numerous driving instructors in the past and Joe is by far the best. I enjoy the lessons despite the technical questions, simply that Joe is very patient and articulate in his explanations. It’s also reassuring to know that I can approach Joe at any time of the day with questions and he will always get back to me. I’m sure I’ve driven Joe to despair on numerous occasions with my slowness and lack of understanding but as always, nothing fazes him and instead he gives me the encouragement to carry on. I am learning more with each lesson than I did with my previous instructors. I am confident that when the time is right I will pass my practical test.

Gregg Rouse:

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Joe and Starbuck Driving. A difficult skill to learn, it is often possible to become frustrated with yourself if you can’t do a particular manoeuvre. However, Joe is a competent and comforting source and the techniques he uses to teach and the service he offers are excellent. The light steering and simple controls of the BMW Mini makes it a perfect learner car for any and all abilities. He is never late and always polite. I would recommend him to anyone.

Natasha Harrison:

Learning to drive with Joe was amazing. Being a complete novice to driving my first lesson was a scary experience but Joe made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in my driving ability. I felt instant progress and came away from every lesson feeling I had learnt something new. Joe is patient and really constructive in the lessons rather than being criticising about your driving. Joe made me feel confident and gave me tips and encouragement before my test to help relieve my nerves and I passed first time thanks to his great teaching skills! I would highly recommend Joe to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Ollie Deeley:

After a bad first experience I began lessons with Joe Starbuck, who greeted me very openly and understood how nervous I was. There was no tension or pressure during learning how to drive and successfully I managed to pass my test with thanks to him! I would highly recommend to anybody and if you hear the word ‘grate’ mentioned you’ve either done something really well or run over a drain cover in the road, (Northern term, took me a while to catch on lol).

Holly Hewitt:

I have learnt a lot from Joe and although I found it hard changing driving instructors he was very welcoming, making the transition much easier. Also, he takes into account the fact that I’m a nervous driver which shows that he tailors his lessons for each pupil. This I’m sure you would agree is a great skill and attribute to have in a driving instructor. Joe is a very caring instructor and won’t push me too far if he knows I’m getting too nervous, which unfortunately for me can happen at the beginning of a lesson causing the rest of it to become a bit shaky. Yet at the same time he is always working towards getting his pupils to pass the test and striving for the best standards in his pupils.

Scott Davies:

I’ve been wanting to drive for so long and I thought it was going to be a long frustrating wait before I would be ready to take my test, but when I had my first lesson with Joe I knew that it wasn’t going to be that bad. Joe makes everything so simple and tells you ways that are so easy to understand and pick up. The best thing is that he is really relaxed which make you feel the same way, even on the day of my test! I couldn’t have had a better instructor; he’s such a great person and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have passed first time.

Emily Bird:

Over the past few weeks of driving with Joe my driving has greatly improved. But as well as my driving improving, my confidence towards driving has been boosted thanks to Joe. This has been noted by my dad when I go out driving with him. I would recommend Joe to anyone who is learning to drive as he is a very good patient driving instructor.

Daniel Stuchbury:

Joe is a great person to learn to drive with. The atmosphere is good and I learn what I need to without any tension. I have enjoyed learning through Joe and he is a good laugh. At the same time he does point out where I go wrong without resorting to the hairdryer treatment!

Jessica Sweetingham:

Before I started driving with Joe, I had been having driving lessons on and off for about two years with two different instructors so I thought I was a reasonable good driver. However, from my first lesson with Joe it became obvious that I was over complicating things and was actually quite an apprehensive driver still! In such a short space of time, Joe was able to totally transform me into a much better driver and it just seem to “click”. His teaching approach is fantastic and the way he explains things in such a simple way definitely increased my overall awareness and understanding of driving. Having failed two previous driving tests prior to having lessons with Joe and then finally passing after a mere eight weeks with him, I was amazed at how far I had come in such a short space of time. I highly recommend learning to drive with Joe and my only wish was that he was my driving instructor from day one!