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Theory Test

The Theory Test is split into 2 sections, Multiple Choice Questions and Hazard Perception, both of which you’ll need to pass.

Both parts are taken at a computer screen. You’ll need to select the correct answers by touching the screen for the Multiple Choice Questions and by clicking a mouse button, at the correct time, for the Hazard Perception.

The nearest Test Centres in Warwickshire are in Coventry and Stratford. Find the one nearest to you.

Multiple Choice Questions

This section consists of 50 questions and you’ll have 57 minutes to complete it. To pass you’ll need 43, or more, correct answers.

There’s a chance to go through a practise session before the test so you can get used to the layout. Each question will have several possible answers. You’ll have to select the correct one by touching the screen. Some of the questions will require more than one correct answer.

You’ll be able to mark questions you’re unsure about and come back to them later.

Hazard Perception

After a short break you’ll be shown a short clip of how the Hazard Perception will work.

You’ll be shown a series of 14 video clips of everyday road scenes. 13 clips have 1 developing hazard, 1 clip has 2. To get the highest score you have to click the mouse button at the early stages of the developing hazard, the maximum score for each is 5.

You won’t be able to go back over the clips to review your answer, as on the road you only get one chance to respond to a hazard.

The pass mark for this part is 44 out of 75.